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Term Options

BTC Term Deposit Interest Rate* Apply
3 month 5.80% Apply Now
12 month 6.70% Apply Now
24 month 7.80% Apply Now
36 month 9.00% Apply Now
Note :

Withdrawals can be made from your Term Deposit at any time
before maturity except if the deposit was initiated via a promotion.
Early withdrawals result in foregoing accrued interest up to that date.
Interest is paid in BTC

   *  We use annual percentage rate (APR) as the interest rate

What customers are saying about BitLeague Term Deposit

Danny Parsons

“I invested in a 12 month Bitcoin Deposit.
The 7% return was much higher than
what I got from my bank, Citi which only
gave me 2.2% on a one year CD.”

Ross Levin

“ I had 5 Bitcoins in my Coinbase wallet,
which earned nothing. BitLeague gave me
exactly what I needed. The best part of
Bitcoin Term Deposit was that I could
still withdraw before maturity.
When I needed to sell my Bitcoin to get cash. BitLeague gave me flexibility.”

Carla Leonhardt
Edison,New Jersey

“The BitLeague app is very user-friendly
and allows me to navigate between
my balances and investment seamlessly.”

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