BitLeague Mining Program

The most cost competitive Bitcoin mining project globally.
500 MW capacity hydropower-based Bitcoin mining farm in Southwest China.
The electricity cost of the project is among the lowest in the world.
Want to get Bitcoin at much cheaper price?

Why BitLeague?

We are among the lowest cost Bitcoin mining farms globally. Our electricity cost in the wet season is less than half of our peer mining farms in North America. Our team has the experience to build the most efficlent mining stsem and operate at far lower cost than peers. BitLeague integrated platform offers the esaiest and flexible investment return structure. You are free of any hassle handling the operation. while getting the bitcoin at a much lower price.

Mining vs Buying

You can always buy Bitcoin on the BitLeague platform without paying any commission. But would you also like to get Bitcoin passively and cheap by mining? Yes, mining. Our cost to get a bitcoin can be lower than $6,000. Without the hassle of setting up mining rigs, hiring staff, and managing the network, we offer the most cost-effective opportunity to get the Bitcoin.

Our Projects

The World's Leading Competitive
Bitcoin Mining Project