BitLeague Prime

BitLeague Prime is the first US regulated
mobile app enabled digital currency trading
and management services platform for global high end clients.


What is BitLeague Prime?

  • As a US licensed and regulated digital currency service provider, we have access to the world’s top digital currency counterparties, and focus on offering the most secure, user-centric services. Our deep liquidity and algo based trading capability enables us to offer the most compe quotes for our clients.

  • With our proprietary algorithms and in-house macro Models, we also provide our clients with real time cutting edge information to assist in their core businesses which range from asset management to large cross border transactions.

  • This is all under the umbrella of a fully compliant model which fulfills all international regulations, thus giving our clients secure flexibility in their businesses.

  • Our trading desk is operated by veterans from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Citibank. Our services cover spot and derivatives trading, high-yield products, lending, and mining.

  • Partnered with the premier American digital financial institutions, including Prime Trust, Silvergate Bank and Signature Bank, we have built an industry leading platform with a strong emphasis on safety and privacy protection.


The minimum transaction size is $50,000 and minimum account
balance is $250,000 for BitLeague Prime.

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